August 28


Do you know what *really* makes people rich?

Yes, good health, great friends and family, and connection to God make for a rich life. But I’m talking about being money rich. 

​Do you know what *really* makes people rich?

Is it money? Nope. 

Is it lots and lots of money? 

 Still no. 

If lots of money made people rich, why would nearly 70% of lottery winners end up bankrupt? It’s because they never became wealthy on the inside. 

You don’t get rich by getting lots of money. You get lots of money by becoming rich. It’s an inside job.

And if you want to get rich inside and out, then I highly recommend the incredible “More Money” group coaching program. Who better to coach you on money than someone who went from on welfare to a multi-millionaire? And someone who’s a powerful healer that will help you eliminate your unconscious money blockers.

 I’m talking about none other than #1 best selling author, Christian Mickelsen. Clients pay him $100,000 to work with him for a single day. And for a fraction of that, you get to work with him in his group coaching program to master your money mindset and open the floodgates for more money now.

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More Money Program

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 Here's to your Success!



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Yes, good health, great friends and family, and connection to God make for a rich life. But I’m talking about being money rich.


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