If You Want More Money…

Hi There!

If you want more money…

Check out my new Pilot Program called “Unstoppable Me!”.

This High Profit Leadership Program will show you how to be Unstoppable in attracting more money, getting more Clients, and show up as a Leader in your community!

Here's what we'll do together…

Clarify your vision and direction. 

- Implement a step-by-step project to reach your specific measurable result.

- Practice Invitation Conversations designed to successfully register new Clients every single time.

- Establish yourself as an EXPERT in your field.

- Let go of any limiting beliefs that do not serve you and create a new empowering context around money, wealth, health and your ultimate happiness.

- Stop doing the things that are sucking your energy and start working Your Purpose with laser focus and velocity.

√ Be Unstoppable !

- And much, much more!

Here's  how we'll do it…

- Two - 60 minute "Mastermind Zoom Sessions" each month with Regina, where you'll get the power of the mastermind, so that you can design your life with laser focus and velocity.

- Participate in “Unstoppable Me” Private Facebook Group with fellow participants and receive support for staying in action and being Unstoppable!

- Online Member Resource Center: all recordings, documents, swipe copy and access to my best stuff!

√  BONUS! =>   2 Tickets for yourself and a guest to “Unstoppable Me!” Live Event in Washington DC

For more information, please contact me at regina@highprofitleadership.com  or Private Message me on Facebook.

Looking forward to working with you!


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Regina A Luffey

IT Manager & Leadership Coach

Alexandria VA 22311

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“Unstoppable Me!” is a High Profit Leadership Program where you learn how to be Unstoppable in getting clients, making more money, and showing up as a Subject Matter Expert in your field….

Regina Luffey