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Janet Charette is an Independent Certified Practitioner and ThetaHealer® Instructor.   She has transformed the lives of many men and women who have struggled with difficult home life situations.  Her own family has struggled through periods of depression and abuse as well as her own financial challenges as a widow and mother.

In February of 2017, Janet attended a writer's workshop where she realized that her past trauma was preventing her from pursuing her own desires and ambitions as a successful business woman.  She began practicing self-compassion, forgiveness, and self-acceptance and learned to master her own healing techniques through self-love.

Traveling Theta Healer

Janet Charette, Traveling ThetaHealer®

Janet is a published author and holistic practitioner known as The Freedom Whisperer.  She has studied with many healing masters and has created her own healing modality where she helps men and women find the courage to move forward.  She has helped hundreds of people create a life they love, through her programs and workshops, and teaches them how to be unstoppable in pursuing their own hopes, dreams and ambitions through self-love and forgiveness.

For More Info please visit Traveling ThetaHealer® at http://travelingthetahealer.com/

Or visit the Traveling ThetaHealer® Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/travelingthetahealer/

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Contact Janet at travelingthetahealer@gmail.com or schedule your Free Namasplay Theta Booster today at http://bit.ly/allaboutyousession!

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Learn the ”ThetaHealing® Technique” from Janet Charette, Independent Certified Practitioner and ThetaHealer® Instructor.


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