April 23


The Cure for Cancer

If, by chance, you’ve been touched by cancer either personally or through a loved one, here is the documentary resources behind my article for, "The Cure for Cancer".

The Beautiful Truth Movie

The Beautiful Truth, The World’s Simplest

Cure for Cancer (2008)


The Gerson Miracle

The Gerson Miracle:

Dr. Max Gerson's Vision for Natural Healing (2009)


For a firsthand look at how these and a few other healing practices cured my friend Pamela’s healing journey from stage IV lymphoma, within three months, check out her amazing story called, “Pamela’s Self-Coaching to Heal Cancer in 3 Months” here:


Powerful And True

Please pass this information on to anyone who may benefit.

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I first learned of the cure from a movie called “The Beautiful Truth”.  The story told of a young boy’s science project that turned the heads of both the pharmaceutical and the food manufacturers when he discovered a cure for cancer.  The movie left me with a lasting impression upon my own diet change and personal journey to finally heal migraines.  But I didn’t personally know anyone that had cured themselves of cancer through these same theories and modalities until I met my friend Pamela.


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