August 15


Nurturing, Caring, Authentic Healing

Optimal Self

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The Story:

Healing begins with a nurturing, safe, authentic, and therapeutic relationship to explore difficult experiences and learn how to practice effective techniques to reduce distress, find relief, and gain insight on how to heal yourself so that you can build a healthy path to reach your fullest potential.


The purpose of my services is to provide you with assistance to help reach your optimal self regardless if you are going through a life transition or feeling blocked. I'm here to help you heal and prosper as you go on your journey.  Majority of the time, I've noticed that the individual is standing in their own way when they are striving for success or to accomplish their goals. I'm here to give you the support and skills you need now to get out of your way and thrive. 

Are you ready for change? 

Viktoria Molokin LLC
Professional Coach and Mentor

Viktoria Molokin


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