January 30


Make Videos That Sell

Do you have a message to share?

Michelle and I ​were just talking and saying how the world is so intense right now and people are worried, frustrated and dying to be self expressed…and we want to help people make their impact, take the stage, and shine their light.


​Now more than ever is a time to be Courageous.

Now more than ever is a time to Give Voice to Your Gift.

Now more than ever is a time to Inspire, Teach & Heal.

​Seriously, what’s the alternative?

​​If you want to speak out, using video, then this powerful training is specifically for you:

CHECK THIS OUT >> Make Videos That Sell

​- If you want to make videos but you’re worried you can’t because of your nerves around sharing about your work… on-camera, on-stage…or at all…

– Are ready to finally be free of this inhibition,constriction and constraint

​- Are willing to put your work, mission & message on camera…

​Then this program is designed for passionate visionaries who want to express their message or mission on video or in public today.

​We’ve added a new module called: “Give Voice To Your Vision”


​If you:

  • Have extraordinary (& possibly inexplicable) shyness, introversion or emotional “charge”around sharing your unique gifts & talents?

  • Are ready to finally & fully free your Voice and your Message…

  • Are DONE playing small and hiding your light?

​Then this special BONUS is designed to hel potent healing modality for highly sensitive or shy folks who are blocked around sharing their message.

​It’s designed to help you transform the painful & frustrating experience of not being able to voice your gifts.  Give Voice To Your Vision is an additional LIVE, 6-week group program with Michelle online. ($2000 Value!)

SIGN UP TODAY >> Make Videos That Sell

This program has many “confidence secrets” woven into every module along with all the essentials for making high-quality, consistent, do-it-yourself videos that grow your business.

It can help ANYONE make great videos. The tips & tricks will seriously begin to shift any hesitancy you may have on-camera….

​but just in case you need some extra support —

​Michelle can be your personal Champion.

​We all need one sometimes.

And right now…

The world needs your voice.

SIGN UP TODAY >> Make Videos That Sell

​Here’s to your success!

 Regina A Luffey

 IT Manager & Business Coach

Alexandria VA

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