May 17


Joint Venture Opportunity

100 dollars

Hi, my name is Regina Luffey and I'm interested in working with a few Joint Venture Partners who wish to earn money, provide quality services to their list, and have fun growing a long and prosperous business relationship together.

Whether you know someone who wants a website or just a few hours of support to troubleshoot a landing page, we're here to help! We have several service packages to choose from: all offering a 40% commission for JV Partners*. You can check out our products here:

Our upcoming Program Launch is called "Create Your Client Getting Web System That Does All the Selling for You".

Create Your Client Getting Web System

In this program, we teach Clients and Students how to create a High Converting Landing Page that builds their email list big! It's a lot of fun for the Students and I'm offering 40% commission to a handful of JVs who may have a list that would benefit from such a web design program.

When someone clicks on your affiliate link and signs up for a free offer or purchases a product or service, you receive the recognition. When they buy from us, you receive 40% commission in sales. Note: You cannot use your affiliate link for your own signup. We pay commissions via Paypal monthly after the guarantee/refund period has ended.

Any questions? Just let us know:

Just click here to get started!

* All sales earn commissions except for the monthly " Web Monster Security" hosting packages.


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