June 20


Hire the Best and Avoid the Rest

Hire the Best and Avoid the Rest: 5 Questions Small Business Employers Cannot Afford to Ignore

Have you ever had a hard time finding employees that will work hard and match the culture of your company as well? It’s tough!

I’m so glad my friend Katherine Hartvickson sent me her newest free guide: “Hire the Best, Avoid the Rest: 5 Questions Small Business Employers Cannot Afford to Ignore When Hiring New Employees”.

It’s very detailed and outlines the specific questions you should ask to ensure you hire people that have skills that complement your day-to-day needs.

Download this report today to discover:

  • The best questions to truly get to know prospective employees
  • How to analyze their interview answers
  • The 80/20 rule
  • How to ensure you are hiring the right person for your business
  • and much more!


Also, for each person that downloads the free report, Katherine is offering a FREE 45-minute business strategy session!

During your session, we will:

  • Identify your goals and set a direction to get you on track to achieve them.
  • Identify the gap between where you are today in your business and where you want to be.
  • Discuss the biggest problems you experience with building a strong team of employees.
  • Dedicate time to helping you achieve your goals and what you can do today to grow your business to new heights.


After a long career as an HR executive with several global organizations, Katherine left the corporate world with a commitment to help small business owners reach their highest potential personally and professionally. She understands business from the Human Resources viewpoint and knows a lot of information that will keep you free of tangles when it comes to hiring your next employee!

Here’s to Your Success!


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As a small business owner, hiring great employees is key for business success and sustainability.  This report provides details on how to uncover a job candidate’s personality using just 5 interview questions.


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