April 9


Emails That Sell: The Simple 4-Step Formula

Here’s another free resource for you!

Get more email opens with this big list of subject lines.

BIG LIST OF HOT EMAIL SUBJECT LINES >> http://bit.ly/hotsubjectlines

​It’s a big list of subject lines and subject line templates you can use right away to get people opening and reading your emails. Always a great tool and skill to have.

Download it now and let me know which one you decide to send first. 😉

BIG LIST OF HOT EMAIL SUBJECT LINES >> http://bit.ly/hotsubjectlines

P.S. There’s an awesome free web class that goes with this resource my soul sister Jenn Mayers is hosting that’s all about how to get people to click, stick, and buy from your emails (now that they’ll open them). She’s been called the queen of emails by some of the biggest names in our industry so you definitely don’t want to miss this.

Register for the web class and download the big list of subject lines here:

HOT BIG LIST OF EMAIL SUBJECT LINES >> http://bit.ly/hotsubjectlines

Here’s to Your Success!


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Most people struggle to get their emails noticed amongst the hundreds of emails landing in their potential clients’ inboxes each day.  You can take these 50+ subject lines, mix and match them, so you’re subject lines are super hot, naturally compelling, and get your peeps to open up.


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