February 19


Clear Your Sales Anxiety Formula

We were sitting in my car in Washington DC, on a beautiful spring day, when I had an “Ah Ha” moment that shook me up pretty good.  Abby and I had discovered a book that changed my view of money forever.   I was blown away by the money strategies in this book and to discover a fellow Love Bunny that had read the same book put us both on a wavelength that catapulted us into Prosperity

Through her work, Abby designed a program that stems from over 20 years of research with anxiety disorders and treatments.  I’ve known of her success around the world and have enjoyed many an adventure with her.  She’s definitely a delight to spend time with and I enjoy her elevated energy every time! 

DC March

Me, Abby and Dan in Washington DC

Women’s March - 2017

Her next program is February 22, 2018 where she reveals her “Eliminate Your Sales Anxiety” formula.

Do you have amazing gifts and a huge desire to share your work with the world but you...

  • Repeatedly procrastinate or avoid reaching out to prospects?
  • Lie in bed worrying about what you're going to say, the night before a sales call?
  • Feel like you can't breathe when talking to a prospect?
  • circle
    Want to give tons of value to clients but don't want to sell?

What if you could put the gripping fear behind you for good so you could experience calm, confident selling?

Imagine . . . no more stumbling over your words or not being able to take a breath. Instead, experience calm, confident selling, enjoyably leading to more money, and higher levels of impact and success. If you think you might have any sales anxiety challenges and you’d like some proven help, Abby Rohrer has a breakthrough solution for you.

The Eliminate Your Sales Anxiety training is next Thursday, February 22 at noon ET/9 am PT.

This powerful, 4-hour, online immersion will help you to wipe out your selling fears, avoidance or procrastination, so you can sell with ease and confidence. 

Abby will walk you through eliminating one of your sales anxieties, and you’ll have her exact “formula” to use on any anxieties with which you struggle.

Abby Rohrer

Ready to finally break through your fears so you can stop leaving money on the table?

Eliminate Your Sales Anxiety

In This Live, 4-Hour Online Event, In A Simple and Straight-Forward Way, Abby Will Show You How to Tackle and Topple Your Top Sales Anxiety.

Here’s to Your Success!


Regina A Luffey

IT Manager & Business Coach

Alexandria VA 22311

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Eliminate the Deep Unconscious Blocks That Prevent You from Making More Money


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