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If you are looking for 1) profit, 2) professionalism, 3) someone you can trust  to serve your Clients then please consider my company as an Affiliate for all your WordPress web needs.  We offer many services and commissions are available for almost all packages.

Just like entrepreneurs need a laptop or internet connectivity, a printer or a cell phone, they also need a website to build their business.  When you provide reliable, exceptional customer services, you show up as a leader and go-to-person for business solutions.  We offer hand-holding services to help your Clients get their landing pages and websites up and running.

​Click on the "Creatives" link above for swipe copy and graphic promos.  Here you will find easy to grab images and marketing copy to throw in your emails and social media posts. Easy peasy style!

OR Grab the link from ANY page or product on our site (browse products here) and create your customized affiliate link above.  When someone clicks on your affiliate link and signs up for a free offer or purchases a product or service, you receive the recognition. When they buy from us, you receive 20% commission in sales. We pay commissions via Paypal monthly.  

Our number one product is our Online Program, "Create Your Client Getting Web System" which earns a special 40% commission in sales.  Copy and paste this URL in the Page URL field below: and generate your own affiliate link.

Create Your Client Getting Web System

If you have ANY questions, please email me directly at

Regina A. Luffey

If you have a product or service that you are promoting, I'd love to hear about YOUR promotions too that I could help you build and grow your list!​  

Here's to a long and prosperous JV Partnership!

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~ Regina A. Luffey, IT Management Group LLC​

NOTE:  "Web Monster Security" hosting packages are excluded from affiliate earnings. Rationale: these fees cover hosting and security costs.​  You cannot use your affiliate link for your own signup however, if you are a Client or Student, special discounts apply. PM me on FB for more info.